It is recognized by the Board of Education that a uniform system of assessing pupil growth and achievement is necessary in providing a thorough and efficient education. The following policy will assist the administration and faculty in achieving this goal:
1. Four marking periods per year.

2. Grades to be reported as follows:
92 to 100           Superior Proficiency 
85 to 91             Above Average Proficiency
77 to 84             Proficient
70 to 76             Partial Proficiency 
55 to 69             Not Proficient/ No Credit 
I                        Incomplete
P                        Proficient
NP                     Not Proficient 
GNI                    Grade Not Issued 
CIP                    Course In Progress (Grades Are Issued at the End of Course) 

A personal improvement plan (PIP) may be required for any pupil who demonstrates less than proficient performance at any reporting period during the school year. The pupil, parent(s) or guardian(s) and school personnel will work cooperatively to devise and implement this improvement plan. A pupil who does not achieve a final average greater than 76 can still progress to the next level by successfully satisfying his/her PIP. 

3. Proficiency may be determined by the following types of pupil assessment:
Daily Assignments/Classwork
Pupil Participation 
Testing: written, practical, oral 
Reports/Research Papers 
Demonstrations of acquired knowledge 

4. Incomplete grades may be issued at the end of the marking period due to legitimate absences or at the discretion of the subject area teacher with the approval of the building administration. All work is to be made up within two weeks into the new marking period, except for unusual circumstances. 

5. Exams for year long courses:  Mid-Term and Final exams will be required of each pupil enrolled in a year long course. These exams will each count as 10% of the final grade with each marking period counting as 20% of the grade. 
Exams for semester courses: For those schools following a block schedule mid term and final exams will each count as 10% of the final average. Each of the two marking periods will count as 40% of the final average.

6. Absence due to illness during a Midterm or Final exam requires a doctor’s note. 

7. Class rank: Pupil class rank will not be shared with colleges/universities or other organizations unless evidence exists that not providing class rank will eliminate the pupil from consideration.  A cumulative, unweighted grade point average (GPA) will be computed each academic year by multiplying the grade earned for each course by the number of credits and dividing by the total possible number of credits.  Only courses that award high school credit will be counted toward the GPA.