High Tech has a combination of Apple Macintosh and Windows workstations. The school houses five stationary computer labs, each equipped with at least 20 workstations, a laser printer, and a projection system for instructional use. We also have two roaming computer labs each equipped with Macintosh iBook laptops, floppy drives, zip drives and a wireless base station. All machines have their own connection to the school wide network, either wired or wireless, with powerful applications on each workstation.

Macs - Currently the Multi-Media Lab houses G4 Power Macintosh machines, the CISCO Networking lab holds PowerMac G5 computers, the Math Science Lab uses G4 Macintosh computers. All Macintosh computers in the school are running OSX either Panther or Tiger.

PC's - The Room 170 lab utilizes Dell Precision Windows XP workstations, the Room 180 is one of the Project Lead the Way rooms with 22 workstations running Windows. The new Room 210 is the second Project Lead the Way Room complete with 23 Dell Workstations running XP, a HP 48" x 24" plotter, and a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Milling Machine.


A school wide network (LAN) allows all workstations to connect to file servers provided for student files. It has 10/1000Mbps capability through new technology as well as wireless capability. Currently we have CD-ROMs such as Infotrac and Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia on the main student file server so that all students may make use of these resources from any place inside HTHS. The entire school is connected to the Internet via a T1 line, which allows any workstation to use all of the resources that are available on the Internet without any restrictions.

Electronic Mail

All students have Internet e-mail access through our First Class Bulletin Board System, and we currently allow connections to this system via the school wide network, through four modems for call in use, or via the Internet. Both the faculty and administration are on this BBS, and often students voice their opinions and ideas through it.


Right now High Technology has four labs within the school: the chemistry lab; the physics lab; the research lab and the technology lab. All are used frequently by students both during and after school with teacher supervision. The research lab is used by many students of the school, primarily it is used for the students' research projects that begin their freshman year and can continue until their senior year. The technology lab is a cross between a high school wood shop, metal shop, plastics shop and networking lab. With dome forming machines, drill presses, jig saws and foam cutting hardware, students utilize this lab to turn out a mini bio-system as part of their freshman year BEC course.


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Last Updated: 05/16/2012