Senior Mentorship Program

HTHS conducts a semester-long Mentorship Program for students in their senior year. The students work with their mentor on days and times (Wed & Fri) that their peers are engaged in college classes. Students in the mentorship program report back to HTHS on those days before the start of 4th period classes. Mentorship rotations begin in September and February. At the conclusion of the mentorship program students write a paper and give a presentation about their mentorship experiance. Successful completion of mentorship is a requirement for graduation from HTHS.

After each day of working with their mentor, students must log their time spent at the mentorship site and write a log entry detailing the activities performed and problems encountered that day. Mentorship logs are kept on this website (see link below) and can be checked by the mentorship coordiantor at any time. Students will be emailed a username and password to access the mentorship logs system prior to the start of the mentorship semester. Students are responsible for completing log entries in a timely manner. 

If you are currently in the mentorship program and have not recieved your login information, or require your password reset, please contact the mentorship coordiantor for assitance. The link below can be used to access the mentorship logs system.

Mentorship Logs System

Last Updated: 04/17/2012
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