Personality/Interest Tests

The Career Interest Game

Based on John Holland's work: select from 6 types and get a list of potential careers.

Self-Directed Search

Take this test online. Your results will be made available to you for fee of $8.95. It was developed by Dr. John Holland and has been used by more that 22 million people. Based on personality, it helps people indentify careers which match their interests, values and skills.

Focus Personality Profile

Answer 66 questions and get a profile of your personality for free.

Princeton Review Career Quiz

Take this 24-question quiz that asks easy stuff about you, and then we'll analyze your answers to determine your most likely interests and work style. With this information, we'll help guide you to careers that would likely suit you--and, more importantly, that you'd enjoy!

Career Key

At this site, answer questions and identify your personality according to John Holland's theory. Then, research occupations which match your personality.

The Platinum Rule

Personality style tests based on The Platinum Rule by Tony Alessandra: find out about your own style or someone else's; learn more about 4 personality types (Director, Relater, Socializer, Thinker.)

MOIS (Michigan Occupational Information System) Self-Assessment Career Survey

If you are interested in finding out what careers you might like to pursue, please take a few moments and complete this brief survey of career cluster area interests.

Career Hope

At this site you will find several free tests dealing with behavior, occupations, etc.

Last Updated: 04/15/2012