Prospective Students

Our Mission Statement - Who We Are

High Technology High School, a pre-engineering career academy that emphasizes the interconnections among mathematics, science, technology and the humanities, prepares students to become creative problem solvers, effective communicators, and tomorrow’s leaders through a rigorous, specialized curriculum and collaborative partnerships.

How to Apply

Applicants for High Technology High School's incoming freshman class must first attend at least one information session held at HTHS with a parent. Information sessions are held in the fall and are designed to acquaint prospective students and their parents with the academics and student life offered by HTHS. Additionally, at each information session you will be told how to apply for admission to HTHS. All applicants must be a resident of Monmouth County at the time they apply.

Following submission of the application, applicants must take an admissions exam at HTHS consisting of a mathematics section and a language arts section. The content of the exam is based on the core cirriculum standards for the New Jersey ASK 8 exam. Based on results of this exam and academic performance in the 7th and 8th grades, students are selected for admission to High Technology High School's incoming freshman class. The most qualified student from each sending school district will be admitted and all others will be placed into a general pool. Students will then be admitted from the general pool based on qualification as determined by their 7th and 8th grade grades as well as the admissions exam until all available seats are filled. Students will be notified of their admissions decision via mail approximately one month after taking the admissions exam.

Information Session Dates

*Space is limited so attendance is limited to 8th grade students and their parents or guardians.

Dates for information sessions held in Fall 2014 are listed below:

Saturday, September 27th, at 10am

Thursday, October 2nd, at 6:30pm

Thursday, October 23rd, at 6:30pm

Saturday, November 1st, at 10am


Last Updated: 08/27/2014