High Tech Students Excel At The NJ Grade School Chess Championship

Congratulations to Christopher Wu, Philip “Mr. HTHS” Meltzer, and Jared Braycewski for earning the title of 12th Grade State Champions as a result of their team win in the 12th grade bracket of the NJ GRADE SCHOOL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS held at Brookdale last Sunday.  Christopher won all 5 of his games.  Philip had 4 wins and Jared had 3 wins and 1 draw.

Additionally, HTHS had two other groups of students that earned team awards.  In 11th grade, Kevin Lu, Aryan Shah, Kevin Yan and Allen Zhang combined to earn the 3rd Place team award for Grade 11.  In 10th grade, Eric Chai, Nelson Lin and Andrew Mascillaro combined to earn 3rd Place for Grade 10. 

Several players earned individual awards also.  In the 9th grade bracket, Jason Yan had 3 wins and earned the 8th Place trophy for 9th grade.  In the 10th grade bracket, Eric had 3 wins to earn the 7th Place trophy and Andrew had 2 wins and 2 draws to earn the 10th Place trophy. In the 11th grade bracket, Kevin Yan had 2 wins and 2 draws to earn the 8th Place trophy while Kevin Lu had 3 wins to earn the 9th Place trophy.  In the 12th grade bracket, the 3 seniors earned a sweep of the top 3 individual awards.  Jared won 3rd Place, Philip won 2nd Place and Chris Wu is the 12th grade State Champion!!