The High Tech National Honor Society and Students From OLMC Create a Mitten Fence in Asbury Park

As winter hits with full force this year, many people across Asbury Park are in need of winter wear to stay warm. And while some cannot afford to buy essentials from stores, they will still be able to weather through the cold by finding necessary clothes in an unusual place: on a fence.

In a collaboration between Our Lady of Mount Carmel School (OLMC) and the National Honor Society of High Technology High School, students from both schools are worked together to create a Mitten Fence. They reached out across their school communities to collect donations of gloves, hats, mittens, scarves, and other winter accessories.

Recently, the students will came together for a “Warming it Forward" event, where they attached all the donated accessories to a fence surrounding OLMC and celebrated with hot chocolate. These accessories will stay up throughout the winter and will be free for the needy in Asbury Park. Below are pictures from the event.