High Tech Students Come Together To Perform a Music Night at a Local Senior Citizen's Center

Junior Matt Hawkins came up with the idea of creating a Music Night for senior citizens after visiting Brandywine Senior Living Center with his mother. After seeing his mother's friend and the other residents, he noticed that it seemed a bit lonely at times for those at the senior living center. He decided he wanted to create something that they all the residents could enjoy. He remembered how musically talented the High Tech students were, and he surmised that the High Tech students would be able to share their love of music with the residents.

All in all, 15 High Tech students put on a show that lasted an hour and a half at the Brandywine Senior Living center in Colts Neck. Some residents even started singing to the songs they knew (like "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from the play Oklahoma and "My Way" by Frank Sinatra).

An eclectic variety of acts were performed. Students played the violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, flute, saxophone, clarinet, and piano. In addition, some students sang. Melodee Li's chamber music group "Vivace" performed as well, serving as the "finale" to the night. 

Overall, the residents loved the music and all of the performers did an amazing job!