Since its founding in 1991, the application and admission process for High Technology High School has become increasingly competitive. Seventy-five students are selected each year from a pool of over three hundred outstanding applicants. This totals to approximately 295 students from throughout Monmouth County. These students represent a cross-section of students from 45+ school districts in Monmouth County, generating a culturally diverse, as well as gender and racially balanced environment.

Information Sessions TBD 6:30 PM
TBD 10:00 AM
TBD 10:00 AM
TBD 6:30 PM
Application Deadline TBD
Admissions Exam Dates TBD at 9 AM
New Student Orientation TBD at 6:30 PM
Placement Exams TBD at 3:30 PM

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Applicants will be ranked according to the following scoring system:

Applicants will be ranked according to the following scoring system
CategoryPoint Value
7th Grade Final GPA15
8th Grade MP1 GPA15
Math Admissions Exam35
Writing / Language Arts Admissions Exam35
Minimum Score for Admission75

GPAs will be converted to a 15-point scale using the following table:

Number Grade
Letter Grade
72-73D 5

Prospective students must be in eighth grade and be full-time residents of Monmouth County. There are three steps to the application process.

  1. Prospective students must attend an information session accompanied by a parent or guardian. These information sessions are offered four times a year in September through November. Prospective students may attend as many information sessions as they like at any of the five Career Academies to help decide which school is right for them. Regardless of how many information sessions a student attends, they must attend at least one information session at the Career Academy they plan to apply to. For more information, please visit our Information Sessions page.

  2. Prospective students will receive a registration code and information on how to access the online application at the information session they attend. Once students successfully submit their application online, they will receive a Confirmation Page and Application Checklist that they will need to print and provide to a school official. If you do not receive a confirmation page, the application checklist, or are still able to access the application, it was not submitted properly. You will also receive a confirmation email. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure successful submission of their application and late applications will not be accepted. Monmouth County Vocational School District must receive the required application checklist and transcript or the student may be ineligible. Students may only apply to one of the five Career Academies.

  3. Students will be required to take an admissions exam covering Mathematics and English Language Arts. The exams are based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards.


Did you remember to...

  • Attend an information session to your school of application with your parent or guardian?

  • Only apply to one MCVSD career academy?

  • Submit the following forms to the district central office prior to the deadline?

    • Submit your grade transcript?

    • Submit your signed application by an eighth grade school official?

    • Submit documentation of interest in program provided in the specialized school?

  • Set a reminder for the admissions date?

Thank you for your interest in HTHS! 


For additional information regarding enrollment and admissions, please visit the district admissions page:

Monmouth County Vocational School District Admissions Website