High Tech Students Excel on The National French Exam

RESULTS for the 2017 National French Exam are in. “Le Grand Concours” is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students were evaluated for their written, oral and listening comprehension skills in French. Students in all 50 states competed in the 2017 event. Plaques, medals and certificates are issued to students.

The following students have received medals and Certificates for their standing.

Highest score in each level division: Platinum medal, plaque, and certificate

  1. 95th Percentile:                     Gold medal and certificate
  2. 85th and 90th Percentile:     Silver medal and certificate
  3. 75th and 80TH Percentile:    Bronze medal and certificate

Congratulations to all for your dedication and success the French Language.

French 1/2
PLATINUM: Highest level achievement is Platinum medal, plaque, certificate, and perfect score for:
Emily Jiang
Caitlin Wang
Adrienne Wu

Echezona Chukwuemeka
Laura Futamura
Gustav Hansen
Abhijat Sarma

Thomas Chan
Katrina Florendo
Aruj Jain
Sunny Liang
Clare Kuo
Ravi Raghavan
Brianna Yao
Sophie Zhang

Ludriana Bazile
Lauren Cali
Sana Jain

French 3
Claire Wang
Karena Yan

Anna Cai
Kyle Lui
Maxwell Hampel

Emma Butrym
Julienne Chaqour
Maylin Horchler
Ivy Wang

French 4:
Rachael Hutson

Emma Vasen

Christina Wang
Kaylee Wang
Yihan (Wendy)  WU

French 5:
Anjali Nambrath
Sarah Vicol

Zak Dasaro
Siqi Ma

Samantha Cheng

Congratulations to all for your dedication and success in the French Honors Language Program.