Academic Team Collects Serious Hardware at the History Bee & Bowl Competition

On Oct. 27, in a heavy wind storm, the Academic Team sent 2 teams to the Northern Jersey History Bee & History Bowl Competition at Seton Hall University.

Reader, Darren Petrosino [Bee]i; Scorekeeper, Anna Cai  [Bee]

A Team

Steven Liu

Karen Li

Deepak Gopalakrishnan

Cole Snedeker

Darren Petrosino

B Team

Michael Li

Frank Grabowski

Sam Hampel

Alex Wu

Both the A-Team and B-Team were undefeated until they met in the Semi-finals match. The A-Team advanced to the finals but lost the championship to Millburn H.S. in a close match. The A-Team received a plaque for second place and the B-Team received a plaque for third place.

In the individual Varsity History Bee, Cole Snedeker won the Silver Medal for second place, while Darren Petrosino placed 4th, Steven Liu placed 6th, Karen Li placed 7th, and Frank Grabowski placed 8th, All five students qualified to compete in the National History Bee in April. 

In the individual JV History Bee, Deepak Gopalakrishnan won the Gold medal for first place, Alex Wu won the Bronze Medal for third place, while Sam Hampel placed 4th, and all qualified for the Nationals.

In the US Geography Olympiad National Qualifying Exam, Deepak Gopalakrishnan placed second and Cole Snedeker placed 5th, both qualifying for the Nationals.

In the US History Bee National Qualifying Exam, Alex Wu come in first place in the JV division and Karen Li come in 7th place in the Varsity Division, both qualifying for the Nationals.

Below is a photo of all the students who participated and their leader Dr. Eng.

Seton Hall Oct 27 2018.jpeg