High Tech Students Excel at State TSA Competition

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Technology Student Association (TSA) State competition this past weekend. Sixty-two NJ schools now participate in the state competion. Below are the names of the students who placed in the competitions.

New Jersey TSA State Conference 2018
HTHS by the Numbers

25 Trophies
21 Events
14 – First Place
4 – Second Place
7 – Third Place

NJ has 62 schools participating in TSA

1st Place:  Jared Allanique, Aparna Kumar,
Khushi Sabuwala, Arya Tschand

1st Place: Sidhu Arakkal, Charvi Shah, Emma Butrym, Daniel Du, Nelson Lin, Karena Yan

Biotechnology Design
3rd Place: Tiffany Fang, Emily Jiang, Emily Liu, Selena Liu, Alok Malhotra, Brianna Yao,
Annie Zhou

Chapter Team
1st Place: Anjali Chakradhar, Mary Chen, Max Lieberman, Nelson Lin, Katherine Liu, Karena Yan

1st Place: Sathya Edamadaka, Katrina Florendo,
Adrian Thamburaj
3rd Place:  Kunaal Chaudhari, Sam Alws, Darren Schachter

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
3rd Place:  Kaya Myklebust, Marissa Teitelbaum

Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Engineering
3rd Place: Wendy Wu

Digital Video Production
2nd Place:  William Cai, Sunny Liang, Phylicia Ma, Nia Mallangada, Priya Mehra, Lyndon Puzon

Engineering Design
1st Place:  Suhani Balachandran, Kara Lui, Sean Maniar, Mausam Patel, Nina Tripathi, Eric Zheng

On Demand Video
1st Place:  Julian Tsang, Christina Wang, Valerie Yip, Karan Menon, Haydn Lang, Timothy Zhou

Optical Engineering
1st Place:  Sathya Edamadaka, Steven Liu, Adithya Paramasivam, Bradley Xu, Eric Zhang

Photographic Technology
2nd Place:  Neel Doshi

3rd Place: Jess Abbott, Julienne Chaqour, Mary Chen, Helena Zhang, Annie Zhou

Software Development
2nd Place:  Isaac Buckman, Kunaal Chaudhari, Kyle Lui, Darren Schachter, Arvind Yalavarti, Christopher Yin

STEM Careers
2nd Place: Charvi Shah

Structural Design and Engineering
1st Place: Daniel Du, Andrew Mascillaro

System Control Technology
1st Place: Thomas Chan, Emeka Echezona, Jason Yan
3rd Place: Eric Chai, Kyle Lui, Rishi Salwi

Technology Bowl
1st Place:  Julienne Chaqour , Zack Freid, Karan Menon

Transportation Modeling
1st Place:  Kelly Qiang

VEX Robotics (Tournament)
1st Place: Laura Futamura, Arvind Yalavarti, Gustav Hansen, Melina Muthuswamy,
Christopher Yin, Brianna Yao

VEX Robotics (Skills)
1st Place: Laura Futamura, Arvind Yalavarti, Gustav Hansen, Melina Muthuswamy,
Christopher Yin, Brianna Yao

Video Game Design
1st Place: Pranav Gaka, Justin Diamnet, Eileen Liang, Natalie Radu, Scott Wang, Raymond Shen

3rd Place:  Melina Muthuswamy, Nivedha Srinivasan, Eric Jiang, Caitlin Wang, Michael Zhang

TEAMS Competition

2018 Overall State Ranking 11th/12th Grades
New Jersey Total Teams: 51
Top Score: 183.66

Rank #20 TEAM A Score: 136.47
Andrew Mascillaro,Anna Cai, Emily Liu, Ivy Wang, Kyle Lui, Neel Doshi, Sam Alws, Sidhu Arakkal

Rank #27 TEAM B Score: 128
Arvid Yalavarti, Darren Schachter, Eric He, Kunaal Chaudhari, Lori Zhang, Melina Muthuswamy, Ryan Wu, Zachary Freid

2018 Overall State Ranking 9th/10th Grades
New Jersey Total Teams: 32
Top Score: 164.62

Rank #4 TEAM A Score: 152.05
Adithya Balachandran, Arsh Singhal, Grace Wong, Joyce Huang, Lasya Balachandran,
Manan Saaraswat, Sophia Lin, Varun Tupuri

Rank #7 TEAM B Score: 141.1
Abhay Rao, Aparna Kumar, Edward Li Mayank Barad, Sai Vedagiri, Vishal Dube, Winston Li


High Tech Students Named As Medalists in The Scholastic Art & Writing Contest

Congratulations to the following HTHS students who were awarded national medals in the Scholastic Art & Writing Contest:

  • Eileen Huang- Gold Medal in Poetry, Silver Medal with Distinction in Writing Portfolio, Gold Medal in Personal Essay & Memoir
  • Emily Jiang- Gold Medal in Humor
  • Steven Liu- Silver Medal in Drawing & Illustration
  • Ivy Wang- Gold Medal in Poetry
  • Yihan Wu- Gold Medal in Mixed Media and Silver Medal in Drawing & Illustration
  • Karena Yan- Gold Medal in Personal Essay & Memoir

Gold medals are awarded to the most outstanding works in the nation.  Silver medals are awarded to works that demonstrate high honors on the national level.  All works are assessed by a panel of judges made up of luminaries in creative fields.  Past Scholastic Art & Writing winners include Ken Burns, Stephen King, and Sylvia Plath.  

Senior Eileen Huang was also awarded an American Voices Medal.  The American Voices Medal for writers is the highest regional honor presented by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. A single artist from each region is presented with this award each year. 

All Gold Medal winners will be honored at a ceremony at Carnegie Hall later this year.  Congratulations to all!

Click here to see the full list.

Chess Team Wins Inaugural Stockton University Chess Tournament

On Saturday, January 20, the HTHS Chess Team participated in the inaugural Stockton University High School Chess Tournament over the weekend.  The tournament has been created to provide an opportunity for teams from the Shore HS Chess League to play teams from the South Jersey Chess League.

The Varsity team was represented by Kevin Yan, Allen Zhang, Andrew Mascillaro, Aryan Shah and Caleb Lunsford.  JV players Aditya Baireddy and Arsh Singhal were also able to participate.   

The varsity team finished the tournament with a record of 4 – 0 to win the tournament!!  Each varsity player won all of their games.  Aditya and Arsh played as part of a mixed team.  Aditya won 2 games and Arsh won 3 games.

Congratulations to all the students who participated.

Chess-South_Jersey 2018.jpg

High Tech Wins The State History Bowl Competition

The NJ State History Bee & Bowl Championship was held at Ridgewood HS on Saturday, January 13, 2018. High Tech sent the following 3 Teams.

A Team Varsity
Doug Simons
Steven Liu
Cole Snedeker
Anna Cai 

B Team Varsity
Adrian Thamburaj
Darren Petrosino
Eric Zheng

JV Team
Frank Grabowski
Karen Li
Deepak Gopalakrishnan
Selena Liu

In the team History Bowl competition, the High Tech Varsity A team was undefeated to win the State Championship. The Varsity B team advanced to the Quarter-finals. In the JV division, our JV team won all their matches except for the final championship match against Ridgewood. The JV team fought valiantly by taking the last 5 questions but just missed winning the championship plaque, finishing in second place. 

In the individual Varsity History Bee competition, Doug Simons won the [second place] Silver Medal. Steven Liu and Cole Snedeker were also among the 10 varsity Bee finalists. There were also 3 High Tech students among the 10 JV Bee finalists: Frank Grabowski, Deepak Gopalakrishnan, and Karen Li. Karen was the only female among the 20 Bee finalists. Deepak and Karen were in a 3-way tie for the Bronze Medal [JV Bee], but lost in a single sudden death question. 

Sophomore Karen Li distinguished herself by winning the first place medal in the US History contest, JV division and an invitation to compete in the National US History contest in Washington DC in April.

Freshman Deepak Gopalakrishnan competed in US Geography Olympiad, JV Division, and just missed by one question from a perfect score. Deepak won the first place JV medal, and a Book Prize for the top Geography score, by also beating all those in the Varsity division, and received an invitations to compete in the National Geography Bee in Washington DC in April and the International Geography Bee in Berlin, Germany, in July.


The pictures below were taken by Ms. Li. The first picture is of the varsity A team and the second picture is of all the participants.

Freshman Brian Liu Places 2nd At International Math Competition.

Providence, RI— Brian Liu, a freshman at High Technology High School in Lincroft, finished second and won $6,000 in the 2018 Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Championship, Saturday, January 13 at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego. Brian finished in second place among 12 semifinalists from the US, Canada, and the UK, who were selected from more than 4,000 students based on their scores on a qualifying test administered by the game's technology sponsor, Maplesoft, using its online testing and assessment tool, Maple T.A.

Brian won his semifinal round with a perfect score. He answered every question correctly.

Info about Brian:

·         Brian's favorite thing about school is being able to hang out with his friends.

·         He carries calculators in his pockets and sleeps "many hours a day."

·         He earned a perfect score on the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) 10, the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, and the USA Junior Mathematics Olympiad, and qualified for the Mathematics Olympiad Program.

Of the $6,000 total, $3,000 will go to Brian and $3,000 to the math department at High Technology High School.

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician was part of the Joint Mathematics Meetings held in San Diego January 10-13. Over 6,000 mathematicians attended the meeting. This is the ninth championship contest of Who Wants to Be a Mathematician. The American Mathematical Society (AMS) organizes the championship game and regional games in different cities nationwide to reward good mathematics students.

The first four pictures below are from the semi-finals and the last three are of Brian competing in the finals and being awarded his check.

High Tech Chess Team Rocks CBA 5-0

Twenty-three players from High Tech squared off against arch-rival CBA yesterday afternoon in the MPR.  This was a match between 2 undefeated teams.  The winning varsity team would take over sole possession of 1st place in the Polgar division of the Shore HS Chess League.

CBA came into the match after recently winning the K-12 national championship for12th grade.  Additionally, the board 1 player from CBA earned the individual national title for grade 12. 

The top 5 boards from each team represented the players for the varsity match.  CBA had higher rated players at 3 of the top 5 boards.  On paper, the odds were against High Tech.  However, the High Tech varsity pulled off an amazing upset to win the match!!  Not only did they win, but they defeated CBA by a score of 5 to 0.

Kevin Yan lead the way with a dynamic win against the top player from CBA - who is also the highest rated player in the entire league this year.  The rest of the winners for the varsity team are: Jason Yan, Kevin Lu, Allen Zhang and Andrew Mascillaro.

Several players from the JV squad also performed well. Jack Hao earned a win and Rohan Agarwal earned a draw.

High Tech Captures the Championship Trophy at the Biotechnology Bio-Bowl

      On Wednesday, December 6, the HTHS Academic Team sent two teams to compete in Biotechnology HS’s annual quiz bowl, Bio-Bowl. The High Tech teams finished in 8th and 10th place in a field of 22 teams in the 3 preliminary rounds. 

      The top 8 teams returned on Wednesday, December 13 for the single-elimination playoffs. In the quarter-final match, the number 8 seed High Tech team faced-off against the number one seed, Leonia HS, and won in a very close match. In the semi-final match against the number five seeded team, Chatham 2, High Tech came from behind to win another tight scoring game. In the Championship match against the number two seeded team, Chatham 1, High Tech stumbled early, missing 3 questions in a row, allowing Chatham to mount a sizable lead. But High Tech did not give up and prevented the lead from increasing further. In the fourth quarter, Chatham stumbled and High Tech scored five consecutive 100 point questions to take a commanding lead and coast to victory and the take the Championship trophy.

      The Championship High Tech team is pictured below with the championship trophy. From left to right: Dr. Eng (Academic Team Advisor), Michael Li (junior, Holmdel),  Sidhu Arakkal (junior, Howell), Adrian Thamburaj (junior, Aberdeen), Deepark Gopalakrishnan (freshman, Freehold Township), and Selena Liu (sophomore, Holmdel).  

Biotech 2017.jpg

Juniors Win Congressional App Challenge For Rep. Frank Pallone's 6th District

Juniors Steven Vorona, Rishi Salwi, Kyle Liu, and Charvi Shah designed the app EmergenServe. They entered the app in the Congressional App Challenge and were chosen as the winners for Rep. Fran Pallone's 6th district. Steven, Rishi, and Charvi are repeat winners as they won last year's Congressional App Challenge for the 6th district.

The app seeks to reduce the response time for emergencies and give exact locations to first responders. Watch the video below for a full explanation of what the app can do.

The Senior/Freshman Team Outlasts The Junior/Sophomore Team In The Inaugural Powderpuff Football Game.

The senior girls joined forces with the freshman to take on the juniors and sophomores in the first Powderpuff football game at High Tech on Thursday, November 2nd. The senior/freshman team prevailed in a close game by the score of 30-20. 

The seniors rode the throwing arm of Emma Vasen. Emma had a plethora of receivers to work with. She connected with Calli Sabaitis, Rita Vought, and Ana Brendel. On defense, the seniors were led by the ferocious Lori Zhang. Alisa Lai had two interceptions and almost had a pick six but she was forced out of bounds at the 2-yard line.

The juniors were led by quarterback Anjali Chakradhar. The juniors used a punishing ground game behind the deft running of Lucia Tian and Emily Liu. On defense, Laura Futamura was tenacious and even sacked the senior quarterback for a safety.

The High Tech dance team, under the direction of Ms. Babbin, got the festivities started by performing one of their numbers. Each of the four classes also had their own cheerleaders perform a routine at halftime. The cheerleaders stole the show and the judges narrowly awarded the senior squad first place ahead of the juniors.

The pictures below were provided by freshman Suhani Balachandran.

Academic Team Takes 1st Place At The North Jersey Varsity History Bowl Championship

This past Saturday, The Academic Team won the North Jersey Varsity History Bowl Championship at Seton Hall University for the third consecutive year. 

The Varsity Team consisted of Doug Simons, Steven Liu, Darren Petrosino, Cole Snedeker and Anna Cai. In addition, Doug Simons received the Gold Medal for winning the individual Varsity History Bee Championship.

In the JV History Bowl division, High Tech finished in 2nd place. Our JV Academic Team consisted only of 2 sophomores, Frankie Grabowski and Karen Li. In addition, Karen Li received the Silver Medal for finishing second in the individual JV History Bee Championship.

 Varsity Team: Advisor Dr. Eng, Cole Snedeker, Steven Liu, Doug Simons, Anna Cai, and Darren Petrisino

Varsity Team: Advisor Dr. Eng, Cole Snedeker, Steven Liu, Doug Simons, Anna Cai, and Darren Petrisino

 JV Team: Frankie Grabowski and Karen Li

JV Team: Frankie Grabowski and Karen Li

Graduating Seniors Apply For Patent For EDD Project

For their capstone project in the Engineering Design and Development (EDD) course, Katie Bardsley, Kevin Berry, Matthew Hawkins, and Tim Vallancourt sought to create a nail clipper attachment for upper limb amputees, stroke victims, and people with limited finger dexterity. Using conventional nail clippers, people with limited mobility on one side of the body cannot clip their own fingernails without considerable effort. While most people can use a nail clipper no bigger than a few inches, there exists a market for those who cannot use such a device.

To address this problem, the team designed a nail clipper attachment consisting of a 3D printed plastic body which houses a standard metal nail clipper. The plastic body contains two “L” shaped body pieces that are connected with a thermoplastic stabilizing piece and metal snaps at the joints. There are a variety of ways to use the device by applying force to the lever arms with one’s legs, upper arm and torso, or by simply resting the device on a table and pressing down on the large lever arm using whatever method is most convenient. With a variety of practical ways to use the device, the product proves to be extremely helpful for the target audience, an audience that has expanded significantly with continued testing. Overall, the project was a great success and the group found it extremely rewarding seeing their initial idea become a positive influence in the lives of others. The team filed for a provisional patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office and can officially say their device is “Patent Pending.”


High Tech Students Excel on The National French Exam

RESULTS for the 2017 National French Exam are in. “Le Grand Concours” is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. Students were evaluated for their written, oral and listening comprehension skills in French. Students in all 50 states competed in the 2017 event. Plaques, medals and certificates are issued to students.

The following students have received medals and Certificates for their standing.

Highest score in each level division: Platinum medal, plaque, and certificate

  1. 95th Percentile:                     Gold medal and certificate
  2. 85th and 90th Percentile:     Silver medal and certificate
  3. 75th and 80TH Percentile:    Bronze medal and certificate

Congratulations to all for your dedication and success the French Language.

French 1/2
PLATINUM: Highest level achievement is Platinum medal, plaque, certificate, and perfect score for:
Emily Jiang
Caitlin Wang
Adrienne Wu

Echezona Chukwuemeka
Laura Futamura
Gustav Hansen
Abhijat Sarma

Thomas Chan
Katrina Florendo
Aruj Jain
Sunny Liang
Clare Kuo
Ravi Raghavan
Brianna Yao
Sophie Zhang

Ludriana Bazile
Lauren Cali
Sana Jain

French 3
Claire Wang
Karena Yan

Anna Cai
Kyle Lui
Maxwell Hampel

Emma Butrym
Julienne Chaqour
Maylin Horchler
Ivy Wang

French 4:
Rachael Hutson

Emma Vasen

Christina Wang
Kaylee Wang
Yihan (Wendy)  WU

French 5:
Anjali Nambrath
Sarah Vicol

Zak Dasaro
Siqi Ma

Samantha Cheng

Congratulations to all for your dedication and success in the French Honors Language Program.

High Tech - The #1 STEM School In The Country For The Third Year In A Row

Today US News & World Report put out their national high school rankings. High Technology High School was ranked the #1 STEM High School in the country. This is the 6th time in the last 7 years that High Tech has reached this distinction. The STEM ranking is based solely on how well the senior class does on AP mathematics and science exams. High Tech was also ranked the #16 Best High school in the nation out of all public schools (not just stem schools). While we have to be careful not to read too much into the national rankings, it does provide some validation for all the hard work by the staff and students of High Tech. Additionally, the school districts in Monmouth County do a tremendous job at preparing their students to excel in high school. Finally, the parents of High Tech students are to be commended as well for all they do to assist their children in their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

US News & World Report also put out rankings for each state. High Tech was ranked #1 in New Jersey, followed by our sister schools, MAST at #9, Allied Health at #16, Communications at #34, and Biotechnology at #81. This underscores the fact that the Monmouth County Vocational School District is providing an excellent education for the students of Monmouth County.




High Tech Students Shine At State TSA Competition

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the various competitions. We are proud of all the students who competed. A great big thank you to Mr. Dennis for faithfully advising the TSA each and every year. May you all have much success at the national TSA competition in late June in Orlando.

New Jersey TSA State Conference 2017

HTHS by the Numbers

25 Trophies

21 Events

13 – First Place

7 – Second Place

5 – Third Place

Architectural Renovation

2nd Place:  Austin Rose, Katherine Bardsley, Olivia Werner,

Rachel Kenny, Haydn Lang, Calli Sabaitis


1st Place: Sidhu Arakkal, Charvi Shah, Ryan Wu,

Bryan Yao, Sophie Zhang

2nd Place:  Eric Chai, Julienne Chaqour, Max Lieberman,

Nelson Lin, Lucia Tian

Biotechnology Design

1st Place:  Emma Butrym, Emily Liu (10th), Selena Liu,

Charvi Shah, Brianna Yao, Annie Zhou

Chapter Team

1st Place:   Anjali Chakradhar, Mary Chen, Max Lieberman, Rachel Ma, Gaurav Sharma, Karena Yan


1st Place: Sam Alws, Zak Dasaro, Karl Roush

3rd Place:  Kunaal Chaudhari, Eric Lou, Darren Schachter

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

1st Place:  Phoebe Li, William Peracchio

Computer-Aided Design (CAD), 3D

1st Place: Alissa Tsai

Digital Video Production

2nd Place:  William Cai, Eric Chai, Julienne Chaqour,

Laura Futamura, Katherine Liu, Nia Mallangada

Essays on Technology

3rd Place:  Kevin Berry

Flight Endurance

3rd Place:  Allen Zhang

On Demand Video

2nd Place:  Kayla DeRosa, Daniel Devory, John Doyle,

Karan Menon, Matthew Rosivack, Timothy Zhou

Optical Engineering

1st Place:  JP Edralin, Kyle Lee, Phil Meltzer, Nethra Parasuram,

Maya Ravichandran, Jasmine Shen

Prepared Presentation

1st Place:  Aparna Ragupathi

Software Development

1st Place:  Aneesh Agrawal, Tim Vallancourt, Elijah Smith,

Sarah Vicol, Jacob Yatvitskiy, Owen Zhang

Structural Design and Engineering

1st Place: Daniel Du, Andrew Mascillaro

System Control Technology

2nd  Place:  Joseph Edralin, Kyle Lee, Jasmine Shen

Technology Bowl

1st Place:  Eric He, Zack Freid, Melina Muthuswamy

Transportation Modeling

1st Place:  Kelly Qiang

2nd Place:  Yihan Wu

VEX Robotics (Tournament)

3rd Place: Anjali Nambrath, Arvind Yalavarti,

Kevin Yan, Emily Liu, Chris Yin,

Alexander Yao

VEX Robotics (Skills)

3rd Place: Anjali Nambrath, Arvind Yalavarti,

Kevin Yan, Emily Liu, Chris Yin,

Alexander Yao

Video Game Design

2nd Place: Sidhu Arakkal, Justin Diamnet, Malik Javaid,

Adithya Paramasivam, Scott Wang, Bryan Yao


1st Place:  Alec Grant, Joshua Atienza,

Eric Jiang, James Randolph, Sam Cheng

2017 Overall State Ranking 11th/12th Grades

New Jersey Total Teams: 48 Top Score: 201.07

Rank #2     New Jersey 11th/12th Grades TEAM A Score: 196.43

Alisa Lai, Christina Wang (11), Eric Lou, Julian Tsang, Lori Zhang,

Raghav Gopalakrishnan, Ryan Wu, Wendy Wu

Rank #34     New Jersey 11th/12th Grades TEAM B Score: 158.83

Maya Ravichandran, Nethra Parasuram, Patrick Meng,

Christina Wang (12)

2017 Overall State Ranking 9th/10th Grades

New Jersey Total Teams: 21 Top Score: 202.7

Rank #3       New Jersey  9th/10th Grade TEAM B Score: 185.26

Aidan Kelly, Anna Cai, Eric Zheng, Mayank Barad,

Maylin Horchler, Neel Doshi, Selena Liu, Steven Vorona

Rank #10      New Jersey  9th/10th Grade TEAM A Score: 158.26

Anjali Chakradhar, Daniel Du, Emeka Echezona, Justin Wang,

Karena Yan, Kyle Lui, Rishi Salwi, Thomas Chan